Doesn't look at all like an appropriate Valentine's Day gift but I'll take it.
I splurged on some high-quality green tea for you!
I'll give you something that's not chocolate next year.
After that first Valentine's Day
just hearing what you had to say made me happy.
I understand you were trying to be considerate, but
...they were my favorite flavor.
So you don't like sweets, Shibeta...?

I'm sorry about Valentine's Day, then... I probably annoyed you with them, didn't I?
They were great.
"Don't really like sweets"?...!?
I don't really like sweets that much.
Nah, I'm good.
Are you getting something for dessert?
A Few Days Later
Of course!
They probably aren't that great but, I made them myself.

I don't know if you'll like them, but...

If you don't mind, here...

For always being there for me.
[Their First Valentine's Day]
Because You Gave Them to Me
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