Future of WC

So I've been thinking about this for a long time. I'm a mod here, and there are a few more active mods here and there but... Where are the admins? Who is paying the host? Until when it is paid?

Maybe we'll just wake up one day to our morning fap and the site will be down forever since the host or domain is unpaid.

Can anyone put some light on the matter?

I understand what you're getting at, this site is the best for it's cub and feral arts that's been for a long time, I think I should remember to help with the cause myself.

I'm still lurking around.

Spike seems still to pay the bills otherwise he would already pull the trigger.

However it seems he's still (too) busy with his job now. To be honest, I'm also very busy with my job but have a fixed amount of hours per work-week than Spike has.

So eh, dunno. The best practice is to save the stuff on the Internets you like on your local PC anyway.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Yeah, I understand about the backup, but it would be a shame to lose a community :P